Spain is the perfect place for Solar!

Poveda Vicedo Abogados & Solicitors has extensive experience in providing legal assistance to grid-connected photovoltaic projects to both private individuals and corporate entities.

This exciting green technology has been given especially attractive investment potential due to the Spanish renewable energy law framework which fosters an environment that rewards the green investor with solid highly competitive return on investment.

Poveda Vicedo Abogados & Solicitors offers a unique solution to solar investors in that we provide a comprehensive tax, legal and company secretarial service package that remains in place throughout the life time of the investor’s solar park.

From the moment the investor decides to invest in a solar park we provide all necessary assistance such as:

  1. Acquisition of Spanish fiscal Numbers (NIF);
  2. Effecting Share Transfer & Acquisition of Solar Park Companies;
  3. Providing assistance with Notaries in Spain, the United Kingdom & Ireland;
  4. Providing detailed advice specific to Solar Park Projects;
  5. Providing the Investor with the option of effecting his or her Spanish affairs at a distance through a specific Power of Attorney;
  6. Providing advice on repatriation of funds;
  7. Providing Advice and assistance on Spanish Corporate Governance;
  8. Ensuring that the rigorous Spanish requirements regarding mandatory company filings are complied with in full;
  9. Ensuring efficient compliance with Spanish & European Corporation Taxation Regulation;
  10. We provide energy with a constant point of contact throughout the 25 year plus life time of their solar park through all modern means of communication including video conferencing.