Have you been sold Preference Shares in Spanish Banks? Are you suffering the consequences of investing in a toxic financial product? Poveda Vicedo Abogados & Solicitors can help you.

The Spanish Association of Bank and Saving Bank Users (ADICEA) has issued a report stating that as many as 710,000 Spanish bank customers have been mis-sold financial products such as preference shares, SWAPS and derivatives in the recent years as vulnerable banks clambered to recapitalize in the face of rapid depletion of deposits and reserves. Such products are normally intended for seasoned or commercial investors and not general members of the public seeking to make low risk investments.

The hardship caused to such investors who have lost all or the vast majority of their investments has been well publicized and Poveda Vicedo is becoming evermore aware that a considerable number of English speaking expats have been seriously caught up in the affair.

The Spanish government has just announced that it is putting together a fund of two billion euro subsidized by the Spanish banks to cover claims by affected clients.

IT IS NOW TIME FOR YOU TO ACT – call us today to arrange an appointment to see if you have a valid claim.

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