Payment Methods

Fees can be paid by:

  1. Credit Transfer
  2. Cheque
  3. Cash
  4. PayPal
  5. Credit card

Our Fee Policy

Many people who need legal advice back away from approaching a lawyer as they are concerned that the clock will start ticking from the moment that they lift the phone. Based on this realisation we have developed a fee policy that is transparent and which aims to let the client know how much our services will cost from the moment they decide to engage our services.

First Consultation is Free

Your first consultation with us is free; be it in person in one of our offices, by telephone or by Skype.

This first meeting is intended to be an opportunity for you to get to know us and make a decision as to whether you would feel comfortable to work with us.

During this first meeting we will gather all necessary information from you and request all the supporting documentation to allow us to gain a full understanding of your case and your objectives.

Following the First Meeting

  • We will assess you needs & provide you with an fee estimate which you are free to accept or reject without obligation.
  • Our estimate will be communicated to you by email.
  • Estimates are intended to be inclusive save for third party fees and Outlay.

Group Action Fees

We provide Group Action Rates. If you are contemplating putting a group action together please do not hesitate to contact Angel Poveda directly on +34 96 579 62 38.

Property Transactions

If you are contemplating purchasing or selling a property please do not hesitate to contact Angel Poveda directly on +34 96 353 01 96 or by email to for a quotation.

Spanish Wills

We charge €150 plus IVA including the cost of the notary per will.